How it works

NABA and DOMUS Academy actively support students in their search for accommodation in Milan.

A wide range of accommodation are offered nearby the Campus through different selected housing providers or private landlords. Surfing the website, you will find studio apartments or single/double rooms in apartments shared with other students with all the information you may need, such as price, location, facilities and pictures.


1) Register an account

Once enrolled, you can register an account on the website and send your booking request. Even without subscription, you can surf the website and start looking for the right solution.

2) Select filters on the homepage and click on "Search"

We kindly invite you to select always your period of stay. Each apartment and room is in fact connected with a defined period of stay, based on the academic year’s calendar.

3) Verify accommodation’s availability

In each accommodation record you will find a colored box:
Green – Available: you can book the apartment/room
Yellow – pending approval: the apartment/room has been already optioned by another student

4) Select one accommodation

Select the apartment/room you would like to book and click the button “Send your booking request” to get in contact with the housing provider. Please remember that you can send only one booking for week. You'll be contacted by the provider to complete the booking procedure. Please consider that, if you don't send the booking request, someone else could book in the meantime and would have priority.

5) Complete the payment and confirm your booking

After your booking request, you will receive an e-mail with detailed information about the payment. The payment is mandatory in order to complete the booking of the apartment/room you have chosen.

Some important advices

Apartment’s composition

Each apartment has his own composition and it’s different from the others. We strongly recommend reading the description of the apartment/room and what the apartment is made up of.

Booking fee

The security deposit amount is requested to confirm the reservation. Following the signing of the contract this booking payment will be automatically considered as your security deposit and will be given back at the end of the contract, if no damages are found. We remind you that in the event that the contract is not concluded the amount will not be refunded, except in the case that either the university course is cancelled (and can be proved with a written statement) or your visa is refused. It won’t be refundable if you decide to cancel the booking.

Minimum stay

Each accommodation has a minimum stay decided in line with the academic year. The start date of the contract will be the same as the availability indicated on the website (for example, if the apartment/room is available from the 1st of September, the contract will start the 1st of September).

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact the student housing support service at:

Start searching!